What Can Happen if You Don't Clean Your Air Filter?

Learn about what can happen if you don't clean or replace your home's AC filter regularly: allergens build-up in ducts; mold problems; frozen coils; poor indoor air quality; higher energy consumption; fire hazard.

What Can Happen if You Don't Clean Your Air Filter?

A dirty filter can cause allergens to build up in the duct system and will stay there for months. As long as you have a forced air system in place, those allergens will be released into the air you breathe. You can even end up with a mold problem in your ducts. If you haven't cleaned or changed the filter in a long time and your air conditioner doesn't blow cold air like before, it could mean that the system has frozen. Dirty filters restrict cold air flow, which can cause it to build up inside the air conditioner.

The end result could be ice formation on the coils. If you leave the filter on for too long, it may become so clogged that the filter is absorbed by the HVAC system. Not only will the air not filter properly, but it can also pose a fire hazard to the ventilation. When the air filter is too dirty to trap more air pollutants, indoor air quality can suffer. It can be a big problem if you or someone in your household suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions.

Poor indoor air quality can aggravate allergies and other respiratory illnesses. A clogged air filter causes heat to be trapped in the oven while it is operating. As the oven temperature rises to dangerous levels, a part called a “limit switch” activates and shuts down the system to protect it. However, this does not resolve the root cause of overheating. As the oven turns on, overheats, shuts down and turns on again, stress will eventually cause the entire system to break down.

That's why it's so important to keep the air filter clean. A clogged air filter restricts airflow in the air conditioning system. When this occurs, air is prevented from entering and leaving the system, reducing the internal temperature of the unit. This will affect the ability of the air conditioning system to generate heat and result in the formation of ice on the evaporator coils. Frozen evaporator coils may leak or damage other parts of the unit. One of the main problems with dirty air filters is that they make the air conditioning system work harder to circulate fresh, clean air throughout the house.

We offer a variety of brands and sizes so you can be sure that you will find the perfect air filters for your home at the right price. If you don't check and clean or replace your home's air filter regularly, dirt and dust will build up on it over time. This can increase energy consumption by up to 15%, resulting in higher electricity bills. According to the World Health Organization, a staggering 3.8 million people worldwide die each year as a result of some level of indoor air pollution inside their homes. So what does that have to do with your air conditioner filter? If you stopped paying attention to it, as in the scenarios mentioned above, you would find yourself in a world of problems. You may also feel more exhausted and tired than usual if you spend too much time in an environment with dirty air. The strongest filters are reusable, usually with metal frames, and can be cleaned according to the manufacturer's instructions.

You may not know it, but your oven relies heavily on this filter that is located in its return duct. Don't just get and use an AC filter that you think will work best for your unit, as it could lead to air conditioning repair in Tyler, TX. You will no longer be able to filter the air well, let dust and contaminants enter your AC unit. However, these are only general guidelines; ultimately, it's best to check your air filter once a month and replace or clean it as needed. All the extra work you have to do to circulate clean air through dirty filters will eventually strain your AC parts, which could cause them to break down more quickly.

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